Dear Members of the TSNY Community,

We are encouraged that, with the widespread availability of vaccines effective against COVID-19, DC has made great strides towards fully re-opening.  At TSNY-DC, we are mindful that we serve a large cross-section of the community, including youth and visitors to the DC area.  When determining COVID risk mitigation protocols, including mask and vaccination requirements, TSNY-DC takes into consideration local and national health and safety guidelines, local and national case rates, staff and participant safety, and community preferences.  All staff, participants, visitors, and spectators are required to follow the protocols set forth here.

TSNY continues to closely monitor updates from and guidelines put in place by Federal, State, and City health departments.  Given the fluidity of the situation, we revisit and update these protocols frequently. Please refer back to the linked document for changes and updates.

We are committed to keeping the rig a safe and healthy place for our flying family.  We recognize that exercise is an important part of staying healthy, both physically and mentally, during stressful times like these, and we will continue to be here for our community.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.