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Conditioning Class for Trapeze Enthusiasts

Aerial Conditioning

Sports-specific conditioning helps boost performance level in any type of sport, whether for serious players, or those in it for pure enjoyment. Its benefits range from increased strength and stamina, as well as increased flexibility, coordination, and very importantly, injury prevention.

Any activity, done repetitively, takes its toll on the body in time. It is important to condition the body to handle these stresses by strengthening weaker muscles, keeping the body in balance, and learning awareness of one's body - knowing which muscles need to work while relaxing others in movement.

About the Class

Our Aerial Conditioning Class incorporates silks, static trapeze, fitness balls and floor exercises to create a whole body workout. The 60-minute circuit training (going from station to station) workout is designed to help students build strength and develop flexibility to achieve their aerial goals. This class makes fitness fun, by getting out of the gym and into the air!