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Jugglers see a world full of possibility. With just a few objects, great jugglers fill blank spaces with kinetic masterpieces you might see on the wall of the National Gallery -- if they could be captured on canvas. But it's that fleeting, concentrated awe that makes juggling such a captivating circus art.

New jugglers already know the first juggling 'trick' - the drop! - and we'll talk about how each drop is a chance to improve your juggling. Students will be surprised to see how much they can learn in one class - and how quickly they'll find themselves wanting to learn and practice more.

Shown to improve brain function, heighten spatial awareness and strengthen movement, juggling will help you catch a glimpse of your own mesmerizing potential!

Class Format

The class starts with a warm-up, then moves to basic juggling technique including body position, throwing height and timing. In addition to grasping the three-ball cascade, students will also take home ideas for tricks and variations to jumpstart their juggling inclinations.

Depending on the class turnout, we may also do group activities to strengthen throws and catches, and practice partner juggling. Students may also learn the concept of object balancing and try out alternative juggling props.

More experienced jugglers can receive feedback on their patterns, add new tricks to their repertoire, practice club passing and hone their performance skills.

What to Wear

Comfortable clothes that allow relaxed movements are encouraged. Avoid longer sleeves that might inhibit throws and catches.