Aerial straps uses two long thin pieces of cotton or nylon web, often with loops at the bottom, suspended from a single point. You wrap your arms or wrists in the strap, and lift up into beautiful poses and wraps. Traditionally very similar to the rings in men's gymnastics, aerial straps are a great way to showcase strength -- or build it. More modern sequences, however, will have you spinning, swinging, and working with a partner.

Students receive individualized instruction tailored to their comfort, skill, strength, and experience level. Each subsequent session builds on a student's skills and interest, incorporating more challenging positions, transitions and sequences. Multi-week sessions known as Intensive Aerial Workshops are a great way to build endurance, and work towards choreographing an aerial act.

We recommend fitted clothing that allows for a full range of motion; the fuller the coverage (long pants, long sleeves) the better. Many people use wrist braces or tape their wrists to protect them, since straps often involves a lot of pressure on your wrist.