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Community Information

From your very first flight, you’ll understand that the impact of trapeze on your life goes far beyond the actual flying. Trapeze fosters strong bonds between its participants. From the moment you hear your fellow classmates applauding your flights you’ll become part of this special community. Your other friends may have difficulty believing or understanding your descriptions of flying, but other students will be more than eager to share, discuss and explore the experience.

With this in mind, we are pleased to offer a variety of community building initiatives – all meant to bring you closer to those who share your passions. Sign up for the email list and get information about upcoming events, schedule changes and additional classes. Join our Yahoo! discussion group and share your flying experiences with students from all of our locations.

The school regularly schedules special events, parties, gatherings and other activities. Stay on top of what’s going on in the TSNY Washington DC universe, and be an active participant in the community.

Seeing yourself in mid-air or perfecting a move you’ve been working on for weeks, can surpass the feeling of flight itself. We are therefore happy to offer a gallery of our favorite photos.

If you ever have any ideas for how we can further nurture this powerful and spiritual community, don’t hesitate to email us.