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Site Credits

This site is the result of a lot of teamwork, dedication and passion for all things trapeze. Through our combined efforts, we've put together a site that we hope conveys the freedom and exhilaration of flying.

Many thanks to Dave & Anne Brown for their trust and support!


Site Development

Jonathon Conant Content Development jonathon@trapezeschool.com
Carol Haynes Web Design & Development aerialcarol@yahoo.com
Jacob Shwirtz Web Strategy Jacob@JacobShwirtz.com
George Wiel Web Engineer www.georgewiel.com


Other Credits

George Holz Photography
(photo in header)
Bevin Murphy * Photography
(background photos on home page,
left navigation bar)


* These and other photographers are credited throughout the site. The ones listed here represent site-wide design elements that aren't credited elsewhere.